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Are we Transitioning from Virtual to Metaverse?

“Tempus Fugit” - Latin meaning Time Flies. It really does, doesn’t it? For those of us who have been around long enough to go from telephones hanging off the wall with long curly cords to the proliferation crowds rocking permanent zombie looks, distorting their facial features from their constant deep and longing gazes into their Android and iPhone smart devices.

True to Moore’s Law, which states roughly that technology will continue to advance at an exponential rate as the years pass, we have seen with each passing year that not only is change a constant, but it is on the move and accelerating more and more each year. What could the shape of upcoming change look like for us all?

From new vehicles for currency exchange and value like Bitcoin, to a new medium of assessing and capturing value like NFT (or non-fungible tokens) to eLearning which can happen from any connected device, categories have gone from nonexistent terms in some cases to everyday conversations. E Exhibitions and E Conferences have become commonplace in a world that just several years ago would have raised eyebrows at even the mention.


Kings of Leon was one of the first major records released as a collection of digital NFTs. Generated over USD$2million from their latest album "When you see yourself" Photo courtesy: Kings of Leon


The internet has shifted from more than just a place to gain connected information into an exponentially expanded marketplace that includes people around the world who have an entirely well-curated internet livelihood. Facebook is reportedly committing 10,000 people to working on crafting a Metaverse (Term that gained popularity from the book title “Ready Player One” book / movie ) where those engaged will have the ability to interact virtually with a complete interactive 3-dimensional environment. What could these changes mean for us?

This will raise questions like "How this will affect social media interactions? Commerce? Will eLearning become a fully interactive classroom environment that the student plugs into and then interacts as if in a classroom? A whole new world of interactive gaming? Shopping in a walkthrough meta-mall? Will virtual travel become a new industry? Will we pay to go places that are fully interactive within the safety and security of our living room?


Facebook is planning to rebrand itself with a new name that matches up with metaverse. Photo courtesy: The Verge


It’s clear that in this ever-changing landscape that those who don’t catch up face the inevitable risk of being completely left behind. As an Expert in System Behavioral Dynamics, it’s evident that the ability to master a system has to do with gaining familiarity with and operating within the dynamics of the system you exist inside of. Only after you have gained sufficient understanding of those dynamics and the rules that govern it, can a person begin to effect meaningful shift within that system.

Change can seem scary at times and very uncomfortable. I first experienced this on my first day of school. It struck me when I stepped off my bus stop and onto the public-school bus for the first time. A small child stepping into a new world with trepidation and excitement, unaware of everything I would see and learn. Now as a grown man and father, I have experienced watching that fearful excited look on the eyes of my own children as they began their early schooling.

We must approach these new changes with that same sense of curiosity and excitement and shove the fear down. For businesses, these changes will forever change the landscape of how business is done and generate countless new avenues to deliver value to clients. As people, we have the joys of new discoveries to look forward to that will thrill and generate new experiences we had previously never dreamed of. Approach change with curiosity and excitement, with the humility of a small child and you will find not only will you rapidly adjust and find the positive elements to embrace but you may unexpectedly end up helping guide others who are having trouble navigating the Metaverse that soon awaits!

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