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Something Must Be Done - Introducing TCPI Project

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Dear all,

We want to introduce you to our TCPI project.

TCPI stands for Transparent Community Policing Initiative. The goal of this project is grand –vigorously updating existing officer training; tackling unconscious bias and perceived threats; retraining muscle/mind reflexes to eliminate fatal force; voluntary self-enrollment for certification. This training program and knowledge bank will be available to both police officers and citizens, nationwide. TCPI will create a fully standardized practice that is open to the public.

Pique is based in the heart of Minneapolis, and it saddens us to see the community we love fractured. We are a team of great problem solvers, and this is an issue we will not look away from. Therefore, we have created the concept of TCPI, and now are seeking support to set sail.

To generate seed funding, we have launched a Kickstarter Campaign. We hope to have the 1st stage of the funding goal achieved within 60 days. But we know that it is just the start. To fully realize the aim of this program, we will use the backers’ investment results to produce a higher stake petition to approach local and national funding sources for stages 2 and 3.

We sincerely hope you will share our vision and support us. Please help us spread the word to your community. Together we can unite, rebuild, and progress.

View details of TCPI on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/3vqCPBO


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