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Why Your Association Needs A Podcast

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Associations are devoted to helping members stay on top of the latest trends in their field.

A podcast channel allows an association to build community, and a stronger community increases accountability. In addition, podcasts benefit members and staff the platform to hear others and also be heard.

Allowing members to feel they are a part of the association and build brand devotion and loyalty.

While at first, starting a podcast channel may feel intimidating, the learning curve often rewards with unexpected benefits.

If you have helped your members transition from conference calls to Zoom, from in-person meetings to virtual platforms, you too can podcast!

Understand what you have

Start by looking at your product portfolio and communication plan. Is it time to introduce a new engagement model or one that resonates with younger members? Perhaps your association typically offers in-person events as a way for members to connect, and you are seeking inventive ways to keep in touch and inform members remotely.

Podcasting provides a new way to recruit, engage, and retain members. Audio content is accessible for your members to access, and they can listen while they work, walk, cook, drive, and work out.

It is an opportunity to share ideas, studies, articles, services, products, and best practices. In addition, associations can use their podcast program to develop industry reputation and position themselves as an expert in their field.

What expenses are involved?

First, consider whether you have the talent to produce in-house or need to outsource. The amount of time and money spent is dependent on the number of podcasts you produce and episode length.

From start to finish, one podcast typically takes 5-7 hours of production time. You will also need to purchase a hosting platform to upload episode files distributed to other platforms such as iTunes.

Equipment cost is adjustable depending on your budget. It can be simple production: use your computer and record via Zoom (here is how to) or other similar programs ( Quicktime, VLC , Vimeo Record ). On the other hand, you can invest in microphones, headphones, and pop filter.

Finally, editing software is a must, with both free ( Alitu , GarageBand , Stitcher ) and paid services ( Adobe Audition )available.

Invest in good-quality recording equipment, and it will pay off!

Stay consistent

Take some time to consider what your association offers that is unique.

Then, be certain to choose an overarching theme that will continuously provide enough content to produce consistent episodes.

Determine your house format. Does it make the most sense to conduct interviews, promote products, discuss articles, or share personal experiences?

In all decisions, involve your members by asking them what is most valuable to them. Some associations create committees to lead the charge on content and interviewing while staff drives the production. Regardless of your direction, aim to create a podcast that will benefit your primary audience, entertaining and to the point!

Review and progress

Once you get going, how will you measure the success of your new endeavor?

For some associations, this includes the number of listeners and downloads, podcast reviews, increased website traffic, networking and referrals, product and service revenue, and revenue from sponsorship and advertisements. That’s right! Your association’s podcast program can provide an additional revenue stream by increasing your advertising and marketing space for sponsors.

As your audience grows, you can charge for logo placement and commercials. You can also use your show to promote your products or services (books, courses, or consulting, for example).

Aside from the monetary benefits, don’t forget that podcasting is a new avenue for building your member base! If your podcast program hosts various guests for each episode, your network will expand and provide a platform to reach people you might not have been able to otherwise. In addition, your ability to reach out to high-profile experts in your industry will also increase as your audience expands.

Every person you invite to be a guest on your show can potentially become a valuable contact for life.

Podcasting is helping associations take center stage.

So if your association has been sitting on the sidelines, now is the perfect time to take the podcasting plunge!

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