RESPONSIBLE EMPLOYERS: reuniting remote teams

The time is now to RE:engage

A one-day team retreat designed to reconnect your remote workforce, realign your organizational priorities and renew your team culture and identity in a post-COVID world.


A signature program delivered in collaboration with Consort Strategy and Pique Consulting.

How Does it Work?

Pre-Meet Exploration


Your dedicated delivery team are here to support you and your team through pre-meet exploratory activities, a full-day in-person retreat, and post-meet feedback to ensure your team's ongoing success.


  • All team members will be invited to complete a 'Readiness to Return' Assessment

  • Organizational leadership personnel will receive a full team 'Readiness to Return' Assessment Report based on the completed assessments

  • Your facilitators will design a customized RE:engage Retreat (1-2 days dependent on needs) to address the identified key areas

  • Your facilitators will conduct a one-hour consultation session with key leadership personnel to determine what a successful RE:engage Retreat looks like, and to discuss team priorities and goals

  • All team members will be invited to complete pre-meet activities to ensure maximum engagement on the day

Post-Meet Support

  • Team members will receive an individual copy of your new team charter (to be constructed during the Retreat);  

  • Your facilitators will circulate a post-meet report detailing recommendations on how to address concerns raised throughout the RE:engage process;

  • Invitation to a half-day follow-up meeting (virtual or in-person) to help generate the leadership's response to  identified priorities and concerns 

  • Receive ongoing consultancy support to implement priorities and responses (additional service)

RE:engage Retreat


Social Distance

Transitioning a team from fully remote to the restart of in-person engagements can cause a range of emotions and questions for employees. These concerns span from health and safety, work/life balance, autonomy, flexibility, and boundaries. Facilitators will share the holistic results from the “Readiness to Return” survey and highlight top areas to be addressed in key focus conversations throughout the Retreat.

Remote work has caused a change in our communication patterns and reduced organic connection, creating a crucial need for opportunities to authentically engage and build trust. During the retreat, teams will be led in exercises to help develop deeper listening skills, unite in shared connections, and learn strategies for managing critical conversations.


Colleagues Working Together


Group Seflie

Social connection is critical to health and well-being, particularly our belonging to social groups. During this retreat, teams will have the opportunity to engage in activities that improve group bonding. From silly to serious conversations, teams will leave feeling a new sense of connectedness to each other, and a greater commitment to the value of working together towards a common goal.

The pandemic has affected us all in different ways, and teams are often unaware of the individual impacts their colleagues experienced. Facilitator’s will engage the team in an activity to explore grief, loss, and the ways the pandemic has forced us to adjust to a new life. Teams will identify how this readjustment affected them, share strategies, and discover new ways to provide and ask for support.


Office Meeting


Business Conference

Massive changes to our daily and working lives create huge opportunities to shift our perspectives and actions. Using team data from the “Readiness to Return” survey, facilitators will provide custom consultation with teams to identify plans for addressing concerns. Prioritizing ideas by their impact and achievability, leadership will gain a deeper understanding of actionable steps to improve operations and culture.

As teams work to manage new ways of engaging with their colleagues, leaders have the opportunity to help clarify the team’s purpose and direction. Facilitators will guide the team through the development of a Team Charter. By defining mission, roles, goals, responsibilities, expectations, and outcomes, teams will feel more cohesive as a unit, and leaders have a living document to build on.


Team Spirit

Outcomes for Your Team


  • Resources for managing the team’s transition from remote to hybrid/in-person

  • Articulation of pragmatic response to team working in a post-covid world

  • Data to inform, manage, and, reinforce the transition process post-covid

  • Priority alignment


  • Increased personal connection amongst team members

  • Insights into your team’s needs

  • Renewed commitment amongst the team to a culture of constructive communications

  • Recommendations of action that reflect your team’s distinct circumstances

Your RE:engage Facilitators


Becca Stickney

Becca is a dynamic Chief Executive Officer and business leader with a proven pedigree in building and sustaining high-impact team culture. A global specialist in professional education, for nearly 20 years she has designed, published, and delivered professional education programs and training curriculum for a wide variety of organizations in the non-profit sector. As CEO of Pique, she leads a diverse and talented team of professionals who are dispersed across the US, but who combine under her leadership to deliver impactful education strategy, eLearning development, certification services, conference management, and podcast production. She consults worldwide on innovative learning practice and strategies for business growth and, driven by her passion for cultivating high-performing teams, she has developed creative ways to engage and inspire teams, including RE:engage. Beyond her consulting role, Becca serves as the Director of Education for the Neurocritical Care Society.

Andrew Chamberlain

Andrew is an innovative Chief Executive Officer and team leader with 15+ years’ experience within the professional membership sector. He has a proven track record of creating and communicating a bold direction that inspires results, and has led many teams across a variety of sectors. He has an innate ability to effectively shape the strategic direction and operational practices of a business and works extensively with operations teams across the world, leading diagnostic reviews, conducting operational health checks, and analysing operational workflows, with a view to improving team dynamics and operational mechanics. Beyond his consulting role, Andrew volunteers to lead the executive team of the Institute of Association Leadership, specializing in operational planning and oversight, business development and partnerships, and good governance. And earlier in his career, recruited as ARMA’s first Chief Executive, he established a new professional office, directed the executive function, and supported the Board of Directors as their principal strategic advisor. And finally as the Head of the Scotland Office for the EAUC, Andrew established and led a team of project managers across two locations in his capacity as Project Sponsor for a portfolio of pathfinder projects.


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